The Mission of Mobili Nella Valle


One of a kind pieces inspired by the great visionary genius Mario Ceroli that in almost 60 years of activity has reinterpreted the significance of art multiplying the functional aspect through a new esthetic line giving a familiarity to substance. It all starts with a merging ambitious project: living art every day in our homes with high quality products that puts together equilibrium and beauty into our family lives. This is how Mobili nella Valle is born:  The art that lives with you in front of your eyes and at the grasp of your hands in your own home.

Mobili Nella Valle

In 1965 Mario Ceroli, defined by the art critic Achille Bonito Oliva archi sculpturer, initializes a tridimensional composition of Mobili Nella Valle of Giorgio Chirico, a togetherness of three pieces of furniture sculpted in wood with an unusual form. All furniture that takes part in this collection are created from wood, with an emphasis on the primary element of raw material and on the founding gesture of the artist.  With a strong belief in the optical medieval eye of “Faber” artist, Ceroli designs reality with the human environment in each one of his creations, moving from reality and fiction, a founding binomio of the metaphysics of De Chirico.

The great master Ceroli transforms his art with his bare hands and from a conceptual point of view: more than the idea of the artwork as a relic, it makes its way to the idea of living the art, to give it form and significance in everyday life.  The objects taken out of context from their original position can awaken in us emotions and sensations never thought of before. So now imagine, chairs, closets, tables, beds and whatever comes to mind dispersed in a desolated valley accompanied only by the wind that disturbs the vegetation in its surroundings: if the artist hands encounter materials, all of which surrounds us can become art.

““…in my furniture there is a sort of relationship… the use of untreated wood contributes to this relationship… furniture for me is a sculpture made to be touched and used. My relationship with furniture is this.”

Mario Ceroli