Mario Ceroli’ s creations, recognized since the beginning as authentic contemporary art masterpieces, have been housed in various museums of the world.  In the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome it is possible to capture a glance of this representation of Mobile Nella Valle with the presence of the “Tall chair”.

The home of Romeo and Giulietta


Giulietta’s house is a sacred place for all of Shakespearian lovers.  An old medieval palace that houses thousands of tourists year round. The lovers’ balcony is the most characteristic place of the palace, showing a history of the lovers’ encounters, as well as the splendid architecture and ambience of the inside. In fact, you will find the breathtaking affreschi veronesi of the 1800’s which portrays the lovers legend. In one of the rooms of the inside of the house you can find two of the “Tall chairs” of Ceroli from Mobile Nella Valle which embraces the emotional sensation between art and history.